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Halo 2: Anniversary is now out on PC

Ian Halo's back, baby!

Ian Halo's remastered adventures continue on PC today with the release of Halo 2: Anniversary in the wee hours. Ian and his sexy pet search engine, Cortana, are continuing to get into sci-fi trouble with ringworlds, and this time we also get to play parts from an alien Arbiter's perspective too. Halo 2 has been on PC before, with a wonky port back in the day, and now Bungie's FPS returns fancied up with new models and textures, remastered cutscenes, support for higher resolutions, adjustable FoV, and other such modern technobits.

So that's a story campaign with co-op support, competitive multiplayer modes, and the Theater replay viewer/editor (also now in Halo: Reach). Halo 2's Forge editor is not ready yet, though. If you want ye olde Halo 2's looks, the campaign does let you switch between the old and new looks with the press of a button, mind.

Halo 2: Anniversary is out now on Steam and the Microsoft Store. It costs £7/€10/$10 by itself, or it's a bit cheaper as part of the £30 Master Chief Collection which will have all the games up to Halo 4, as and when they're done. It's also playable through Xbox Game Pass For PC, Microsoft's surprisingly generous £4/month subscription service. Saber Interactive and 343 Industries are behind the revamp, with creators Bungie long-gone to make Destiny.

Halo 3, Halo 3: ODST, and Halo 4 are still to come with the Master Chief Collection. Nope, still no word on if we'll ever see Halo 5 on PC. But Halo: Infinite, the next game, is coming to PC later this year. Expect Microsoft to start showing more of that in July, along with more of their new games coming alongside the Xbox Series X.

Our Nate played Halo 2 on Xbox back in the day though what he remembers, ah, is mostly how it was emblematic of a weird time in his life.

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