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A Hat In Time's new DLC is free today and turns up the heat on an arctic cruise

Giving this the seal of approval

A Hat In Time might play second fiddle to Super Mario Odyssey these days, but there's strong praise in that faint damning. Gears For Breakfast crafted a cheerful, bouncy little romp of a platformer, full of shiny gubbins to grab and strange characters to meet. It's just a little on the short and easy side - or was. Seal The Deal adds another story chapter set aboard a seal-crewed cruise liner, plus a brutally hard New Game+ mode called Death Wish. After tomorrow it'll cost money, but for today you can grab it free if you own A Hat In Time.

At the time of writing, you've got a bit over 30 hours to claim Seal The Deal free on Steam or GOG. Hop to it. Below, a trailer showing off some of the goodies contained within.

I got a chance to try out this DLC briefly last night, and while I've not gotten far into either half of it, it feels like it's geared towards players that had mastered the original, and isn't accessible until later in the game. The Arctic Cruise chapter takes place in a massive and dense environment, and wants you to explore every inch of it. The first level alone is a scavenger hunt requiring you to scour the ship's decks from top to bottom. It also features almost the entire cast of the original game, as everyone needed a break after the original's finale.

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The other half of the DLC is the Deals. Death Wish is a series of extra tough remixes of earlier levels. Remember Mafia Town's lava level? Try completing it while baking alive, requiring you to dive into pools of water to cool yourself off. Want bragging rights? Do it all without touching any lava and without cooling off more than twice. And that's just the introduction to this mode. It's all entirely optional, but there are cosmetic rewards to be earned.

As well as those, there's a handful of new Time Rift levels to be found, and a new badge that gives the entire game an N64-era makeover when worn. Alongside the DLC, A Hat In Time got a patch today adding a (local-only) co-op mode. Player two controls new character Bow Kid, who you can see in the trailer above.

The Seal The Deal DLC will cost $5 after tomorrow, but for now you can find it free on Steam or GOG.

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