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Co-op is coming to A Hat In Time, plus DLC featuring new challenges and marine mammals

Big expansions, free? The Seal of Approval claps.

Even if Mario's resurgence stole a bit of its thunder, A Hat In Time remains one of the PC's better 3D platformers, if a bit short and easy. The upcoming Seal The Deal DLC - due out on September 13th - addresses both points. Developers Gears For Breakfast are adding a new chapter to the story (set aboard an arctic cruise liner run by seals) and an extra tough New Game+ mode called Death Wish. It'll be free for 24 hours at launch, although it will cost money after that. Launching alongside the expansion is a local co-op mode, free for all.

Seal The Deal looks like a hefty chunk of places to go and things to jump on. On top of the new chapter (which, due to its adorably squishy looking seals, already has my full attention), there's six new Time Rift levels, giving you a good bit more to do once the story's over. That's before you even dive into Death Wish, a New Game+ mode where you challenge harder versions of existing levels for cosmetic rewards.

Among those rewards is the Nostalgia Badge, which gives the entire game an N64-esque makeover (makeunder?). While the game remains smooth (true authenticity would be painful in this case), pixels get bigger, textures get a smudgy makeover and Hat Kid loses most of her polygons.

On top of the expansion, a co-op mode is coming to the game, featuring a new playable character. While limited to local split-screen, co-op will be a permanent and free addition to the game, separate from the Seal The Deal package, but releasing on the same day.

As an aside, recent (and very large) mod The Breathing Sea opens on a similar cruise ship concept. Well worth a look while you wait for the official DLC.

The Seal The Deal expansion for A Hat In Time lands on September 13th. You'll have 24 hours to snag it free before it grows a $5 price tag. Co-op will be free for everyone.

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