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A Hypnospace character is making his own retro 90s FPS, Slayers X

Coming from rude dude ZANE_ROCKS_14

Along with announcing a spiritual sequel to Hypnospace Outlaw, named Dreamsettler, the alt-reality webmasters at Tendershoot today revealed a curious spin-off. Slayers X: Terminal Aftermath: Vengance Of The Slayer is an FPS 'made by' one of Hynospace's netizens, the rude 'tude dude Zane "ZANE_ROCKS_14" Lofton. It's a retro-styled shooter overflowing with that trademark Zane 'tude, and you can see a bit in the trailer below.

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Both announcements came during today's Hypnospace Next livestreamed presentation.

Zane has been tweeting about the game for months now and yup, apparently it really is real, not just a Twitter bit. The in-fiction story is that Zane started making Slayers X in the 90s, then recently he found it on an old CD-ROM and has been finishing it up. Going by his Twitter, dude's still a total dingus. And ignore his 'Zane_Rocks_36' handle, he's actually 37, okay.

While I'm flipping my lid over the Hynospace sequel, I am less instantly enthusiastic about this. Coming across Zane's page as one of many on a fictional information superhighway is funny, but a whole parody game immersed in that vibe could easily be grating. And that's aside from concerns that while we have seen some decent retro 'boomer shooters' in recent years, 90s FPS is a genre that's easy to make bad and boring. Hey, I'll wait and see. Hynospace has certainly earned my trust.

But Dreamsettler? Oh yes. I'm absolutely up for exploring another sleepytime alt-reality Internet. This one jumps forward a few years from Hypnospace, to 2003-2005.

Slayers X: Terminal Aftermath: Vengance Of The Slayer is headed to Steam "soon", published by No More Robots. You can sign up for a chance to beta test both this and Dreamsettler over here.

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