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A Minecraft world editor could be coming to Bedrock, leaked footage suggests

Code snippets seem to reference the feature

Building things in Minecraft takes a long time. Even in the vastly quicker Creative mode, you're limited to constructing your grand designs block-by-block. That might change soon, if leaked footage which appears to show a Minecraft Bedrock edition world editor mode is legitimate.

As spotted by Eurogamer, the footage was shared on Twitter by user 'Roger Badgerman':

There are already third-party tools that can open Minecraft Java edition world files and offer a new interface for flying around them and interacting with them. Some larger build projects you've seen were likely constructed in the Java edition and ported to Bedrock afterwards for that reason.

Rumours of a Bedrock edition editor have been swirling for a while, however, due to supposed references to it in the code:

These two items combined paint a believable picture - although the feature remains unconfirmed, and even if it's real, it's anyone's guess as to when it would be released. Mojang are currently working on the Trails & Tails update, which will add archaeology, a cherry blossom biome, and the publicly-voted Sniffer mob and which is currently available in beta.

For what it's worth, the world editor footage looks fairly simplistic. It reminded me of in-development Minecraft challenger Hytale's update last year, which featured footage of a world editor with a "scripted brush" where the world could dynamically adapt to your changes. Very cool.

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