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Minecraft 1.20 now has a name: the Trails & Tales Update

Sniffers inbound

We already know all the major features of the Minecraft 1.20 update, including the audience-voted Sniffer mob, plus cherry blossom biome and archaeology activities. We didn't previously know its name, though: the Trails & Tales update.

Mojang announced the name in a blog post, but also in a new video series called Minecraft Monthly:

Cover image for YouTube video1.20 NAME REVEAL and more... | MINECRAFT MONTHLY

There are some things in this video I personally didn't already know. For example, armour trims are soon coming to the Bedrock beta version. These allow you to find templates and use smithing tables to customise your armour with pretty patterns. Given how much time my kid spends simply crafting and enchanting armour in Minecraft, I think he will be pleased about this.

Otherwise, I think we already knew everything in the video except for the name. Trims, sniffers, the new biome and camels are all already present in the Java version snapshot, and much of it is in the Bedrock beta already, too. You could be playing with all of this already.

Ollie has been writing and updating a bunch of our Minecraft guides recently, because I keep playing it and then bugging him with questions. You can check out his picks for the best Minecraft shaders, best Minecraft mods, or the answers to surprisingly tricky questions like how to transfer pet ownership.

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