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Rambling adventure A Short Hike soars out today

Walk on the mild side

Correct me if I'm wrong, but flying seems to be missing the point of hiking. Where's the challenge? Where's the adventure? Where's the knee-breaking burden of scaling a mountain when you can just flip-flap all the way to the top? Seems like cheating to me, really.

I guess it's not really about the stress, is it? It's not like I'm in any physical shape to judge. A Short Hike is about the pleasant side of going for a nice long walk: finding wee nooks and crannies, chatting with your fellow walkers (and swimmers, and flappers). And would you look at that, it's out today.

A Short Hike is all the nice little things that come from going for a little ramble. Like real hiking, there are overly chatty travellers to catch up with (or simply wave hello). There's a top to reach, but why not just take a turn down some dirt paths, or go fishing in that pleasant little pond you found? Unlike real hiking, you can fly.

Figures that if the actual act of walking if the least interesting part of hiking, you might as well skip it and go soaring through the clouds. Nobody will judge you. It'll be our secret, I promise.

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Adam Robinson-Yu's cute rambler first popped up as a Humble Monthly bundle exclusive back in April. He's spent the time since putting the work into the game's wider release. Today's release marks The Extra Mile update, bringing in fishing, more trails, Linux support and a good amount of tightening up. A full lineup of changes can be found here, and Humble owners will get all of today's additions dropped onto their copies for free.

A Short Hike is out now on Steam and Itch for £5/$7, thanks to a cheeky little 10% launch discount.

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