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A Song Of Lightning And Poison: Firefall's Summer Update

After giving us a glimpse of the assault battleframe's quick-drawing, rapid-firing revamp, Red 5's now taking a leisurely fly-by trip through Firefall's entire summer milestone update. The short version? No class is safe. From having their space stockings stuffed with tons of neat presents! So now we're onto the Engineer and the not-a-Medic-anymore Biotech. Yes, they've renamed that one. Apparently constant use of poison is grounds for having your medical license revoked. Who knew?

Watch on YouTube

Watch on YouTube

I'm definitely liking the Biotech - at least, conceptually. And that's actually kind of weird, because I don't usually play medics or debuff-heavy classes in other games. For some reason, though, the idea of being both at the same time appeals to me. Maybe it's the potential diversity of roles I can assume on the battlefield. Or perhaps I just really like the idea of having a monopoly on all the activities that make other players very, very angry.

Engineer seems solid as well - though less theatrically so. Lightning gun, shields, and turrets are nice in that they all come across as relatively simple, but Red 5's added just enough mechanical depth to each (for instance, the lightning gun's damage increase/decrease timing-based trade-off) that I imagine mastery - and bulging biceps, a thunderous voice, and any other Zeus-like symptoms it may produce - won't happen overnight.

I would not fear for my frail mortality too terribly much if I bet my life on the idea that we'll see more battleframe updates in the near future - probably even this week. So while spiders and jagged, low-hanging tree branches (one will claim one of my eyes someday - I just know it) threaten to end our existences, we can at least feel safe in that knowledge.

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