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A World Of Hort: PVZ: Garden Warfare Undead Trailer

My anger issues with team-based multiplayer shooters are well documented in the Logitech Warehouse. I'm cool until things are unbalanced, then Red Craig emerges. Red Craig is my inner Stephen King character. He is who the mice and keyboards in the warehouse warn their little transistors about. He's why they sacrifice mice lasers to gods of Support Services. He's the angry Glaswegian I keep hidden away, just in case I'm ever mugged or someone shoots me online, then he emerges. Watching the Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare zombie trailer made my palms itch. It looks really lovely and atmospheric, and I'm sure I'll enjoy playing it. But as I do, I'll give off the impression of hating every single second I am doing so. Trailer beneath.

There's no single-player mode in this. Just co-op and multiplayer. I'm not sure how I feel about that, but it's pretty and silly enough to make me want to share it with friends. The trailer shows off how the zombie classes will attempt to compost the plants: they each have main weapons and three powers. The All Star tank has a football gun augmented with a few American Eggball related powers. I do want.

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But I can't have it, yet. It'll bizarrely be an Xbox exclusive to begin with, because no-one has ever made money releasing a game at the same time on every machine. That just never worked for anyone. Uh-oh. Red Craig is here...

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