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Thank Goodness: Peggle 2 And PvZ: GW Not On PC First

Oh man, phew. I was worried there for a second, but now I see that I was getting all worked up over nothing. I mean, seriously: what if Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare and Peggle 2 had come out on PC at the same time they debuted on Xbox One? It probably would've spelled the end of all videogames - and, let's face it, life - as we know it. The Xbox certainly would've sold markedly less than one unit as a result. That's for sure. Thankfully, Microsoft and EA have teamed up to save the day, pushing the PC (and, I suppose, other platform) versions of Peggle's second coming and PvZ's green-trigger-finger-twitching reinvention into even murkier depths.

The announcement was made during Microsoft's Gamescom press conference, and the behemoth has no intention of throwing us an Xbone. Both PopCap standard-bearers are now timed exclusives to the bouncing baby consolebox, with no one bothering to specify the exact time period because why would they do a silly thing like that? I doubt we'll be hearing much on that front until after the games come out. It's the natural (read: dumb) way of these things, after all.

This is, of course, the same Microsoft that recently pulled the plug on its Games For Windows marketplace and accidentally announced the impending (though admittedly long overdue) dissolution of its Games For Windows Live multiplayer service. They would really, really, really prefer we didn't play games on our PCs - even though they sometimes (sort of, non-committally) claim otherwise.

Peggle 2 will apparently be a launch title for Xbox One, while Garden Warfare is sprouting up sometime next year. We'll see both eventually. Something's better than nothing, though, I suppose. Hooray for only-mostly-hollow victories.

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