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Abandon Ship splashing into early access this month

Avost! Aveest? Avust

Hoist the brig! Swab the powder! Fire the stew! Yes, it’s soon time to see how good you are at captaining ships in the high, low or medium seas. Adandon Ship, the FTL-inspired roguelite of managing oldy-worldy sailors on a map of the ocean (actually a giant painting) is smashing a big bottle of early access champagne across its bow. That is to say, it’ll be playable on February 21, say the devs. Here be krakens and upgrades and ship-to-ship combat. You will probably go on fire and die, as you are a notorious… *checks crumpled grid of pirate slang* … seal sniffer? I, on the other hand, will be an excellent captain. You there, reload the compass! We have crabs and such to plunder.

The creators, Fireblade Software, also send an announcement trailer. It’s more or less an amalgamation of the things we’ve seen before, with some fancy lettering, but it appears to holler all the features in a concise way.

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The game had been scheduled for late last year but was delayed. It’s got a few features that seem fun. Tidal waves can knock your crew overboard, morale can diminsh to the point of mutiny, and should your ship be sunk you’ll get a second chance to survive. The game casts you adrift on a small lifeboat with perhaps a crew member or two, and from here you’ve got to regain your illustrious uniform and position on a new ship.

Another thing the creators are offering is to put your name in the game if you sign up for their newsletter. Now, I'm not suggesting people sign up with names like "Rolltheol Chariotalong" or "Johnathy Blokebeard" but I am pointing out this opportunity for any sea dogs who would like to use this form with utmost legitimacy. Quiver me lumbers!

Abandon Ship will be on Steam for £14.99/$19.99.

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