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FTL-like Abandon Ship fires broadsides in combat trailer


Jaws 2 has the most deceptive tagline of all time. "Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water", it chortles, threatening you with an angry shark. The lie here, of course, is that it's never been safe to go in the water. If it's not a shark that gets you, it'll be a jellyfish, and if it's not a jellyfish, it'll be a kraken or the ghost of a diver. It's an awful place, the water, but Abandon Ship [official site] makes it look like a fantastic destination for adventure.

It's a bit like FTL with waterships instead of spaceships, and the latest trailer shows us the combat. And some terrible, unpleasant tentacles.

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I think it looks absolutely lovely and I'm all for a spiritual successor to FTL, even though it's a recent enough game that the body is not just warm but down at the gym flexing its muscles. A few games have already tried to tweak the formula, either thematically or mechanically, but I haven't found one that scratches the itch particularly well. Abandon Ship might just reach the parts that others can't, and the style of its ship-to-ship hull-cracking certainly tickles my fancy.

And then there's the sea monster at the end. Oh no. It's never been safe to go in the water, which is why it's very important to make sure your ship doesn't collapse beneath your feet.

Abandon Ship is out later this year.

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