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Afterparty will launch just in time to out-drink the devil on Halloween

See you in hell

Sometimes you read a game synopsis and have to blink and remind yourself it's not a high-concept metal album, because blimey. Two buds trapped in hell earning their freedom by out-drinking the devil sounds like the sorta thing that'd have some killer riffs. Ah, well. Afterparty still looks bloody incredible. With a release date marked for the end of next month, you don't have to wait long before drinking the lord of darkness under the table.

Afterparty is Night School Studio's raucous follow-up to Oxenfree, a lovely little adventure game about hip teens and spooky mysterious. The young'uns are still at it - this time, dropping dead and finding themselves facing an eternity of torment. Christ, and I thought my graduation was rubbish.

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Hell does look quite hip, mind, full of bars and bands and boisterous horned lads. Besides the usual adventure affair of chatting-up demons, you can also swig a pint to give yourself enhancements or social powers. Yup, that's what I tell myself too when I'm at a party and don't know anyone. No, really, it's easier to get going once I'm down a can or three, honest.

Himself banished to the realm of no-longer-works-for-RPS, John had a bash at Afterparty earlier this year and found a riotously funny and intimidatingly massive narrative to explore. You won't catch all of it in one go, either, with weird hellish events happening across the world in real-time.

Afterparty slams on Windows and Mac via the Epic Games Store for £16/$20 on October 29th.

Me? I'm hitting the pub after work, devil or no.

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