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Afterparty trailer shows Oxfenfree studio's hellish bender

Hell yes!

I've certainly felt like hell after a bender, but the makers of Oxenfree are going a step beyond that saying in their next game. Afterparty will send newly-deceased twentysomethings Milo and Lola on a pub crawl across Hell itself, drinking, dancing, chatting, chugging, and singing with the goal of beating Satan himself in a drinking contest to win their souls and return to life. After announcing Afterparty in December, Night School Studio have now blasted the first trailer. While I'm sober myself these days, hell yes I am up for this damned crawl along the Styx.

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That's a good-looking Hell.

Milo and Lola are dead, right, and in The Bad Place. Why? That's one of the questions they hope to answer as they roll through Hell, meeting people, chatting, doing quests, playing bar games, and drinking so very much to impress everyone. Not just any corpse gets to drink with the Devil, after all.

Night School talk about a branching story with changing relationships, eldritch drinks which give different abilities and dialogue options, quests, and activities from karaoke to beer pong. And yup, they're rolling with dynamic dialogue again - which sounds great, considering how much Samuel Horti praised Oxenfree's dynamic system.

Afterparty is due some time in... 2019? Aw, heck.

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