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Alice Returns New Trailer, Notes, Make-Up

More on Alice: Madness Returns from the Tokyo Game Show. It's been quiet since its announcement, but the there's new "stuff" including a genuinely somewhat messed up trailer, which you'll find below. And since it's been ages since I've done one, I've written a second-by-second analysis of the trailer for your delectation. Also, linked to someone doing Alice Make-up. And the Sisters' of Mercy, because I just can't stop myself...

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00:00 "May include content inapporpriate for children". Splendid. I hope they don't mean really long words and sophisticated analysis of relationships and other boring grown-up-stuff.
00:08 Slow fade on a snowy street. Where's Alice?
00:09 Here's Alice! In her party dress. Hence a little cold, because it's snowy and she's in the street.
00:13 And Alice comes across a sort of glass-fronted amusement-arcade "thing". It's glowing. It's spooky Alice, but Alice is a bit of a spooky girl, so goes and has a nose.
00:17 Alice has a good peer. Peer, Alice, Peer. What is it?
00:19 It's a little marionette-show of the Mad Hatter's Tea-Party. Be careful, Alice. In the immortal words of Jamie McKelvie's Suburban Glamour, "Marionettes Are Creepy". They will inevitably fuck you up.
00:25 Wait - what's that in the reflection? Blue ghosty things.
00:26 Which aren't there when Alice turns around. "Mother?" says Alice, which probably makes the (presumable) ghost of her dad feel a bit pissed off.
00:29 Wait... no, behind you again Alice. It's on fire! That can't be good.
00:31 Alice finally realises something's up. Oh, Alice, you droopy goth lady.
00:32 But she hasn't noticed that the Red Queen - possibly - seems to come to life and...
00:33 She still hasn't turned around when the whole thing explodes and bursts with Tentacles. Moral being: less moping time, goth girl, more BEING ALERT AND TURNING AROUND.
00:36 And she's dragged in to the fire by the tentacles. She's trying to break free? Can she?
00:37 No! She's can't. She's a fire-grilled whopper.
00:40 And title in the flames. Spooooky.

In short: spooky, unusual world game action-horror thing... which makes me suspect that this was commissioned as a direct response to Bioshock's success. If you see what I mean. Oh, okay. Let me elaborate. Bioshock "proved" that a quirky world could actually be of use in terms of selling a game to a market. Equally, it perhaps also showed how fondness for an old-IP can be turned into attention for a new game. In other words, a return to McGee's Alice was made much more likely by Bioshock's success.

So, if you're especially moved by that, you can perhaps make yourself up in that style. Like so...

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What do you think, Andrew Eldritch?

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Well, exactly.

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