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Aliens: Fireteam Elite's second season adds new mode this month

Plus it's coming to Xbox Game Pass

Aliens: Fireteam Elite kicks off its second season on December 14th, adding a new Point Defense mode where players have to protect a handful of locations while fending off pesky xenomorphs. The co-op shooter will also introduce new guns, challenge cards and a place for you to see your alien-bashing stats. What's more, it's coming to Xbox Game Pass too. I was never going to buy this game, but I'd love to try it out. Thanks for that one, Game Pass.

Cover image for YouTube videoAliens: Fireteam Elite - Launch Trailer

Point Defence will be an alternative to your usual Horde Mode shenanigans, where your fireteam needs to protect and repair three points while aliens come at you in waves. This seems more in-line with what we see in the films. You know, folks desperately trying to fix something while their pals are screaming and being eaten? That's the stuff.

Developers Cold Iron Studios don't mention exactly what the new weapons are, but you can see them in the announcement pic below. Top right looks like a revolver, and the gun to the left of that has very good sci-fi lights on it.

Details about Aliens: Fireteam Elite's new updatem there are pics of the new weapons, challenges and mode.

All that stuff is part of the second season's free update, but there's some paid DLC coming as well. Named The Nostromo Salvage Pack, it comes with Nostromo-themed skins (flight suits and that) and other cosmetics.

I've yet to play Fireteam Elite because, well, it just looked kinda alright. I'm put off by how many aliens are in it. Having lots of xenomorphs makes them less scary! Still, I suppose it could be a good co-op shooter to muck about in when I'm bored of Back 4 Blood. Shout out to Game Pass for making it so I no longer have to commit to buying games that could be naff.

Season 2 of Aliens: Fireteam Elite arrives on December 14th, and it'll be available on Xbox Game Pass for PC and console that day too. You can also find it on Steam and the PlayStations.

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