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Amazon UK have cut the price of three G-Sync Compatible gaming monitors from LG today

L-gee! What great deals!

With stock levels and gaming monitor prices steadily returning to normal, pre-pandemic levels, we're staring to see more and more good gaming monitor deals crop up. Case in point, Amazon have cut the price of three LG gaming displays today by a seemingly arbitrary 12-13%. Who knows why? The point is that they look like decent displays at reasonable prices, especially if you're in the market for a cheap ultrawide gaming monitor or a nice 2560x1440 number.

Most expensive, but also the most appealing, is the LG Ultragear 27GL83A-B. This is a 27in 2560x1440 monitor with AMD Freesync support that's also one of Nvidia's officially certified G-Sync Compatible monitors, which means that both AMD and Nvidia graphics card owners will be able to take full advantage of its variable refresh rate tech without any pesky visual defects. It's also got a 144Hz refresh rate and HDR support, too, making its price drop of £53 down to just £387 a very tempting deal indeed. Plus, this is the first time this monitor's fallen in price since last December. What’s not to love?

If that’s a bit rich for your blood, then you should turn your attention to the LG Ultragear 27GL63T, which is down to £261 from £300. It’s basically the same as the above, only minus the HDR and a resolution of 1920x1080 instead of 2560x1440. Otherwise, you're still getting a 144Hz refresh rate, full G-Sync Compatible support. As a result, if your PC only has the graphical grunt to handle 1080p, then this is a good choice, especially since the last time it was this cheap was back in February.

Finally, there's the 29in LG 29WL50S. Granted, this 21:9, 2560x1080 display isn't an officially certified G-Sync Compatible monitor like the other two, but it does still have AMD Freesync support, a refresh rate of 75Hz and HDR 10 support, which is hard to argue at just £207.

If none of these tickle your fancy, be sure to check out our regularly updated guide to all the best gaming monitor deals, as there are quite a few good ’uns this week.

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