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AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution added to Unity and Unreal engines

Resident Evil Village has it now, too

AMD have declared that their performance boosting upscale tech, FidelityFX Super Resolution (or FSR for short) is here for everyone. They've released it on GPUOpen, and declared: “You can get access to the AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution source code for free under the open source MIT License!”

In addition, FSR is now available to developers in a beta version of Unity Engine, and via a number of patches that will soon be integrated into the stock Unreal Engine. It's everywhere.

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For players, it means there’s at least a chance you’ll have an easy performance upgrade built directly into your game going forward. Unity and Unreal covers a lot of ground. That’s probably the biggest, long-term boost for everyone who just wants better performance at a decent resolution (me!) in the futur, without having to own a very specific type of graphics card. It’ll just be there for the developers to use and adapt, and your game will run better while taking a small visual hit at higher resolutions should they take advantage of it.

What this means for developers is that there’s a well-supported, or at least well-marketed, open alternative to Nvidia'S DLSS freely available. There doesn’t seem to be any argument that it’s better than DLSS, but it supports a lot more hardware, including older cards by Nvidia that don't support DLSS. And it does work, just not quite as well.

I'll use what works and is available to me. My current set-up includes a RTX 2080 Ti and a pair of 1440p Freesync monitors that run at 165Hz. I have some reasonable power and a lot of pixels to shift, and I’ll happily take any help given to me. I’ve slightly given up on the hunt for the best looking game, and instead now just want smooth performance. This current battle will only benefit me, so here I am giving a nice big thumbs-up to everyone.

There are more games using FSR after this update, too. When FSR first launched, it was only available in seven games, but now AMD have added a bunch more, including Arcadegeddon, Necromunda: Hired Gun and Resident Evil Village. Lovely-looking JRPG Edge of Eternity will also be adding it by the end of the month. That’ll bring supported games up to a dozen by August.

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