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American Truck Simulator heads to Colorado after its Idaho tour

Up and up and up.

American Truck Simulator is continuing its quest to digitally map America's highways, one state at a time. But before even bringing the great state of Idaho to completion, SCS Software have already announced their next addition to the expansive digital truck-a-thon. Get in gear, truckers, we're heading to Colorado. Land of the trees, home of the blazed, American Truck Simulator - Colorado's icy peaks and dusty valleys will be open for trucking by the end of the year.

Did you guess where they were in this month's teaser trailer, then? Spoilers, obviously, unless you read the headline of this piece or the paragraph above.

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Colorado, as SCS Software's announcement post kindly informs me, is the highest-altitude state in the US and was named from the Spanish for "coloured red". The state sports some stunning scenery - lush forests framed by the impossibly tall Rocky Mountains, roads winding down into arid valleys shadowed by truly bizarre-looking mesas.

It was also the first state in the Union to legalise medicinal and recreational marijuana, but I'm uh, not sure that's quite as relevant to trucking. Listen, buddy, I'm not sure getting lit behind the controls of an eighteen-wheeler is the best idea, but you do you.

American Truck Simulator - Colorado is currently being developed in parallel with the game's upcoming Idaho DLC. It'll park on Steam a few months later, sometime towards the end of the year. Granted, given the whole of everything going on right now, those timeframes aren't cemented.

Resident trucker Alice O usually ends these with speculation at the next (hopefully damp) state they should add. I think I'd go for Florida - for one, it's the only State I've visited, but it's also wet, weird, and opens up a world of alligator transportation options. Snap it up, then.

This week, resident mechanic Alex Wiltshire took a drive down American Truck Sim's highways to explain how a once-obscure Czech studio is recreating the grand American west, one highway at a time.

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