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American Truck Simulator keeps on truckin' in Oregon next week


The big trees, wild coast, and many Portlandian bridges of Oregon are coming to American Truck Simulator on October 4th in its next expansion, developers SCS Software announced today. I'm very pleased to see the haulage sim venture farther north into the wet and wild of the Pacific Northwest that captured my heart on a road trip years ago, so absolutely I'll be trying to relocate my trucking business to a lonely trucking road. Heck, cover my fuel costs and I'll drive any load around Oregon for free. Here, come see some of the virtual state in this new trailer below.

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Ah, that's the stuff. I still shiver remembering the drive along one highway through the trees and over the mountains. Brr. Lovely place.

Oregon is the farthest north the game has gone so far, and the woodiest too. This means the expansion's new map region will bring lots of new bits to the world, some of which SCS have looked at in detail recently. Hit their blog to read about new species of trees and flowers, the lumber industry, special Oregon truck stops, the continuing coastal Route 101 where I left part of my heart on the shore, Oregon's new bridges, and, of course, Portland.

"Our team has spent a lot of effort and time to build our take on Portland," SCS said in August. "It has really been quite tough to optimize the layout and design to achieve an acceptable framerate. We are quite happy with the result, we believe that it is very representative of the city as seen by a truck driver passing through it, giving the right impression we have been aiming for."

American Truck Simulator: Oregon will launch on Steam next Thursday, October 4th. I don't believe SCS Software have confirmed a price yet, but I'd expect it to be about the same as the New Mexico expansion: £9/€12/$12.

October's looking a good month for American trucks, with Spintires: MudRunner's American expansion coming too.

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