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American Truck Simulator now rolling through forests and mountains of Washington

What a landscape for trucking!

After several days of thomping basslines and screaming industry professionals in service of games that won't be out until next year, tonight I am very much looking forward to a quiet drive through forested mountains. American Truck Simulator just launched its Washington expansion, adding another state to haul cargo through - a real pretty state at that. Sea! Mountains! Forests! Bridges! Logging roads! The Grand Coulee Dam! The Space Needle! Another city bearing the cursed name of Aberdeen! Places from Twin Peaks! Just me, the road, a riot grrrl playlist, and eighteen wheels of steel laden with logs that are already two hours late because I got distracted by a river and crashed into a tree.

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American Truck Simulator's Washington expansion squeezes the state down to 3800 virtuamiles of road, 16 cities, a few dozen recreations of bridges and truck stops, and a whole lot of scenery. Our former Alec (RPS in peace) managed to find the waterfall out Twin Peaks and had himself a wee cry. Fair play to him, it's dear to my heart too.

My flatmate recently moved to Seattle so I'm sure she'll enjoy me sending screenshots of every truckstop and tree, asking "IS THIS YOUR NEW PLACE?"

American Truck Simulator: Washington is out now on Steam for £9/€12/$12. It requires the base game, which is currently £4 in a sale - and older expansions and DLCs are discounted too.

The launch is accompanied by another cargo DLC pack, adding a load of forestry equipment to haul in states where you'd find that sort of thing. A bit more flavour, there. And a chainsaw ornament to hang in your cab. It's £4/€5/$5.

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