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American Truck Simulator will head north into Washington state

Keep on truckin'

Freewheeling haul 'em up American Truck Simulator will be expanding into Washington State sometime this year, allowing players to explore from evergreen forest to concrete cargo port, and to travel under the ever-watchful eye of Seattle's Space Needle.

Here’s a teaser trailer, though it has nary a truck in sight:

Cover image for YouTube video

The announcement might not be that much of a surprise for those who correctly guessed the state from the screenshots released last week, including Alice.

Alice appears to also know one or two things about Washington, which I do not. Luckily, developers SCS Software have helpfully supplied their own fun facts, like that it’s a leading source of lumber in the US, as well as food products like apples, grapes, and potatoes. Plus, it’s home to truck manufacturing company Kenworth. Neat!

American Truck Simulator has so far been expanding state by state, creating a linked string of locations for those who own all the DLC. When Washington releases, you’ll be able to drive the whole of Route 101, which stretches down the west coast of the US all the way to California. That’s 1,500 miles, because America is unfathomably big.

Exactly when you’ll be able to set off on this lovely road trip, grapes in tow, isn’t yet clear. So far, the expansion is simply scheduled to release sometime in 2019.

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