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Amnesia Rebirth Fort walkthrough: how to craft a shell and fire the tank

Here's how to escape the Fort by firing the nearby tank.

There are several puzzle-filled areas to work through in Amnesia: Rebirth. A few hours in, you'll come across a deserted fort, where the only exit is a rather sturdy metal door. To get through it, you'll need to use the tank's turret, but first you'll need to craft a shell to shoot at the door. In this Amnesia: Rebirth fort walkthrough we'll give you all of the info you'll need to make it through this area alive, taking you through the Quartermaster's stocks and the Arsenal in the process.

In this Amnesia Rebirth guide:

Amnesia Rebirth Fort walkthrough

To make it out of the Fort area in Amnesia: Rebirth you'll need to search two areas, all the while being pursued by a monster that feeds on fear. First on the agenda is crafting a shell to load into the tank. This requires you to get into the Quartermaster's stocks. The front door is locked, so head around the back and follow the sound of the nearby radio. This will get you into the building.

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How to fire the tank

To fire the tank located in the center of the Fort area you'll first need to craft a shell/bullet. Head over to the tank and climb inside to check out the gun. You'll need to head to the Quartermaster's stocks first, as this is where you'll pick up the first ammo component.

How to make a tank shell/bullet

Before we get stuck into the QM area, let's tackle a look at the components of the shell that you'll need to collect. I've listed all three components below, along with a little info on where to get each one. I'll then go into a bit more detail on getting each one.

  • Saltpeter - found in the Quartermaster's stocks.
  • Charcoal powder - charcoal can be found in the Arsenal. You'll need to grind it to use it in the shell.
  • Sulphur - sulphur is also located in the Arsenal. It will need to be refined through boiling before it can be used.

A list of army provisions found in Amnesia Rebirth

Searching the Quartermaster's stocks for saltpeter

Enter the QM stocks via the method described above. Once you're inside, search the area for a ballista (it's a sort of mounted crossbow, the kind you'd use to defend a fort). You can remove a winch from this ballista, which can be used at the elevator at the end of this hall. I've included an image of the ballista below.

A military ballista found in Amnesia Rebirth

How to raise the elevator

Next on your agenda is raising the elevator. To do so, use the winch you collected earlier. Unfortunately, the floor of the elevator has been damaged, so you can't actually stay inside while it climbs the elevator chute. Luckily there's a plank of wood next to the elevator that can be placed over the gap. Place the plank so that you can stand on it as you turn the crank, this will allow you to stay inside and climb to the next floor.

Pushing the cannon

Now that you're up on the second floor of this area you need to climb down into the locked room you saw when you first entered. There is a cannon in the corridor as you exit the elevator. The cannon needs two wheels so that you can move it. The first wheel is found right next to the cannon. Pick this up and place it. The second wheel is found in a nearby room. There are cannons in here, take a wheel from one of them. Slot in the final wheel and start to push the cannon forward. This will break the floor and open up a hole that you can jump down. Make sure you grab the saltpeter from the QM store before you jump down. You're now in the locked room that you saw when you entered this area. You'll exit via the locked QM door.

Where to get the Arsenal key

You've picked up one of three shell components so it's time to head off to collect the others. These items are located in the Arsenal. You can find the arsenal near where you entered the fort area. The door is locked, so you'll need to climb into the tank to find the key. It's hanging next to the gun. Once you have the key, head into the Arsenal. There's a room as you enter containing several contraptions including a grinder and a boiling pot. You can pick up some charcoal in this room.

Grinding charcoal in Amnesia Rebirth

Grinding charcoal

The charcoal you picked up cannot be used in the shell yet, it needs to be ground up. You can use the grinder to do this. Just slot the charcoal in and turn the grinder handle. Pick up the charcoal powder and continue onwards.

How to get inside the medicine cabinet cage

The final item that you need is sulphur. This is found in the medicine cabinet, which is locked inside a cage. There are two dead guards in there, one with a grenade on their lap. This grenade will explode if you open the cage door, so you'll need to enter through the back. There are windows to the left of the cage, open the window on the far left, keeping the one closest to the cage closed. Hop out onto the ledge outside and jump over to the window on the far side of the building. You can now enter the cage, grab the sulphur, and make your escape. Make sure you disarm the grenade on your way out, by unhooking the wire connecting the door and the grenade.

Boiling the sulphur

Once you have the sulphur, head back to the room you ground the charcoal in. You'll see a small pot in this room, with a candle underneath it. Place the sulphur into the pot and light the candle using a match. The sulphur will boil down into a powder. You now have all three components needed to make the shell.

Boiling sulphur in Amnesia Rebirth

Making the shell

Head back to the entrance of the armory and look for a shell-making machine. It has two parts of a shell casing that can be pulled together using a lever. Place the three ingredients into the shell casing and then pull the lever. You now have a fully-functioning tank shell!

Loading the shell and firing the tank

With your freshly-crafted shell in hand, go back to the tank and then climb inside. You can now load the shell into the tank using the levers inside. We've labelled an image below, showing what each lever does. Load the shell, aim the gun at the door, and fire. This will open the door, but collapse the floor underneath the tank...

An annotated screenshot of the inside of the tank found in the Fort area of Amnesia Rebirth

How to escape the tank

To finally leave the fort area you will need to make your way out of the tank. Make sure the turret is unlocked and move it to the left. This will move the exit hatch. Keep moving it until there is space to leave the tank. Climb out and escape. Now it's off to the Cistern area.

That's how to get through the Fort section in Amnesia: Rebirth. For more on the game why not check out Alice Bell's review. Elsewhere there's our look at the increased level variety found in Amnesia: Rebirth.

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