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Antholojam Has 15 Golden Age Sci-Fi Games At Any Price

From a fine bunch of devs

Antholojam was the first of a potentially annual month-long game jam in which fifteen development teams set about making games on the theme of the "Golden Era Sci-Fi". And now all fifteen games are ready for you - YES YOU - to play. In a web browser, via the Unity plugin, if you want. Or to download. And you can even pay for them if you want.

The curated jam, organised by Depression Quest developer Zoe Quinn and games producer Alex Lifschitz, is an attempt to create an anthology of games on a particular theme. With sci-fi's golden age having been such a major influence on gaming, the idea this time was to reflect that back, with fifteen games designed to be completed within an hour each. For free if you want. Or you can pay.

The games include A Call To Mars, a text adventure about being stranded on Mars, with a crew to get to know, and a broken ship, with pretty Martian scenery. There's the splendidly named Does Canned Rice Dream Of A Napkin Heap, in which you're tasked with entertaining a table of aliens, robots and animals with a story, that must be good enough if they're to pay for their meals. Steal My Artificial Heart is a "neo-noir whodunnit", while The Absence Of Is is a first-person peculiarity set aboard a research ship, in which you attempt to keep patients alive.

You can play each of the games in your browser, with Unity's chunky download times, or you can download the lot in one big lump. At this point you can choose to throw money at the developers, which will be shared out equally among them.

We're going to have a closer poke through the fifteen games, and will bring more attention to any that particularly take our fancy.

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