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Creative Assembly's Franco Jam Returns Next Week

Charitable creators

The Creative Assembly's annual charity game jam Franco Jam is returning for a third year running next weekend, on November 11-13. Folks from the Total War and Alien: Isolation studio will once again be whacking out games in one weekend. The jam is named after former Creative Assembly member Simon Franco, who passed away on June 2014 from cancer.

In Franco Jam, the participating Creative Assembly developers aim to create their own fully functional games within a 48-hour time span. The effort will be streamed live on the TotalWarOfficial Twitch channel, where The Creative Assembly will also give away game codes and play through some of their personal favorite games. A bit wackier, you might also find someone trying a blindfolded run of Alien: Isolation.

You can donate to Franco Jam on their JustGiving page. All proceeds go to Team Verrico, a UK charity that funds treatment, diagnosis, and support for those afflicted with cancer.

This year's Franco Jam will begin at 5pm on November 11 and end at 5pm on November 13.

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