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Anxiety-inducing Kingdom management sim Yes, Your Grace is getting an equally bloody sequel

Yes, Your Grace: Snowfall looks steeped in Slavic monsters and myths

A man is on his knees in front of a king and his guards in Yes, Your Grace: Snowfall
Image credit: Brave At Night

I've not played Yes, Your Grace but I hear it's brutal. The idea of being the sovereign of a kingdom and having to make difficult decisions makes me crumble quicker than a piece of shortbread in a cup of tea. But for those looking for the same power-hungry trip they felt in the first game, you'll be happy to know that it looks like developers Brave The Night have really upped the drama in the sequel, Yes Your Grace: Snowfall.

Announced during this year's Summer Game Fest, this follow-up looks equally as tense and you can feast your eyes (or cover them in horror) on the trailer below.

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Straight from the get-go, Snowfall seems to have had a bit of a glow-up since its predecessor's release back in 2020. Its pixel-art now looks a lot more dynamic, with some brilliant lighting and a sort-of-but-not-quite voxel look about it. Put plainly, it looks bloody gorgeous.

For those not familiar with the first game, it's a kingdom management sim where you need to act out your duties as king. Your responsibilities include balancing the kingdom's resources, making strong alliances, and preparing to win a big, potentially reign-ending war. Not everyone in the kingdom is going to like the decisions you make, but you can just send them to the dungeon or have their heads swiftly removed from their bodies. That choice could have rammifications, though.

No release date for Yes, Your Grace: Snowfall just yet, but we do know that it's coming to Steam, Xbox consoles and Nintendo Switch.

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