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It's tough being King Dad in monarchy manager Yes, Your Grace

It's good to be King

Kings and Queens, eh? What are they good for? I don't recall the last time Queen Elizabeth sat in front of the people and promised to help them fund a new fridge or rescue their turnips from goblins, that's for sure. It's time someone kicked these crowned clowns off their plush seats and got them into the thick of the action. Developers Brave At Night are preparing to take the monarchy to task with royal family resource manager Yes, Your Grace.

Part narrative adventure, part resource manager, with a coat of vibrant pixel paint. After five years in the dark following a modest Kickstarter, Yes, Your Grace has resurfaced with a new trailer and a 2020 release date.

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I can't say I was expecting anyone to make a whole game based on Fable 3's second act, that's for sure. Y'know, the part where you park your bum on a throne and solve binary moral problems while a particularly slimy Stephen Fry does his best Wormtongue impression by your side. Each day in Yes, Your Grace starts with a similar meet n' greet with the townspeople. Hearing our their problems, dish out some dosh to fund a new orphanage, else find more cunning solutions that keep the coffers in check.

For now, not one of these crisp pixellated NPCs has yet to ask my permission in unlawfully proroguing parliament. Truth be told, I'm not sure this country even has a parliament. Well, that's not very democratic, is it?

Once court is all wrapped up, you've got free reign to follow up on any leads you'd overheard during the morning call. Check up on the flooded dungeon, have a heart-to-heart with your daughter on the castle walls, refuse to release a prisoner who swears he's the chosen one. Regular, normal, daily kingly doings.

You can also send out generals, advisors and witch hunters to get their hands dirty in your stead. Do you think I'd be caught dead near the bog-goblins? No, please, Sir Reginald can handle it.

What I absolutely wasn't expecting was for Yes, Your Grace to be as much about being an absolute doofus of a dad as it is running a kingdom. The preview build I checked out opens on you playing a nice game of hide-n-seek with the family - only, your wife is in no mood for your nonsense, and two of your three daughters won't stop hurling insults at each other. Old King Eryk is a bit of an airhead himself, filled with an endearing, bumbling naivete hardly proper for a man of his station.

Keep the rabble and relatives in check, and you might even keep your head attached to your shoulders. Yes, Your Grace sits on Steam's throne sometime next year.

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