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Apex Legends IS getting a hot new map tomorrow

Get training

Hang on, stop reading, give me a minute to wipe all this egg off my face. Last week I dismissed a conspiracy theory about Apex Legends getting a new map. Tomorrow, that is in fact happening. I am overjoyed. Just let me remove this last bit of yolk.

We already knew Season 3 was due to kick off on Tuesday, but it wasn't until Saturday that developers Respawn dropped the cinematic trailer for World's Edge. It's all ice and fire and high speed trains, and I am legitimately excited. EA Korea have gone and leaked the gameplay trailer too, so we can look directly at the new geezer and geysers. He has a drone.

Let's do the gameplay trailer first, you philistines.

It looks a bit like Iceland, which is pleasing because Iceland looks fantastic. You can turn your gaze one way and see verdant green fields, then turn another way and be treated to jutting, volcanic mess. This has more lava than I remember, but this is also a videogame rather than a small Nordic island in the North Atlantic.

Keener eyes might be able to suss out more of the new Legend's abilities, but all I can tell you is that Crypto has a drone. He can definitely use it to look at stuff from the sky. Can he do anything else with it? Probably. Drone-o-vision does have a readout that says "flight mode", which could suggest it has another one. Let's not put too much effort into speculating, though. We'll find out just how fast Pathfinder can go when he grapples to that train tomorrow.

I do like how Apelegs has been building up the world that surrounds its murder arena. Crypto is responsible for blowing up the wild life-disrupting antenna that caused the big dinos to move into Kings Canyon at the start of Season 2, and it looks like he isn't done hacking important infrastructure. Reddit used "FrozenFroh" believes he orchestrated the shutting down of Kings Canyon so he can go explode a space elevator here on Talos. They are probably correct.

As Froh points out, there is a more important moment where we glimpse Octane simultaneously playing Titanfall 2, Skate 3 and Need For Speed.

Respawn haven't said exactly when Season 3 will kick off, though updates normally arrive at 6pm GMT/1pm EST.

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