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April Showers Bring Grey Towers: Legend Of Grimrock

It could be that grid-based dungeon crawler Legend of Grimrock actually takes place entirely in dungeons, what with being at least somewhat related to Dungeon Master, but maybe there will be a tower. Maybe. Whatever the case, the game which has caused me to nostalgically divide my house's floorspace into equally sized squares finally has a release date. Early April. That's not actually a date, is it? Not specifically. But it's better than the previous timeframe, which was simply 'the future'. No new features now, just bug fixing, completing animations and adding a bit of polish. Then it will be mine and possibly yours as well. A peek at a UI redesign lurks below.

The first time I met Alec he was riding a Grimlock steed

What the trousers! How did that get there. That's not an RPG user interface. I have no idea what it is, quite frankly, or what it's got to do with this story. I suspect another member of RPS crept into the post when I wasn't looking and left it here by mistake. Back to business.

For the longest time, important details were spread around the corners of the screen, like so!


But then the people who were watching development set up a mighty hue and cry, and the developers didst hear it, so they put everything in one place.


Sensible, just as party-based forays into horrible places should be.

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