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Are You Or Have You Ever Been A Communist? 

In just 11 days we all get to find out the secrets of Kane's brain-hat, in the very goofy-lookin' but presumably super-fun C&C3: Kane's Wrath. Do we care? Well, we'd care a lot more if we weren't thinking about C&C: Red Alert 3 instead. Armoured bears! New screenshots beneath the cut - sadly bearless, however.

Things wot I have noticed:
- nice water effects. Like, really nice in some cases - even down to sunken junk on the ocean floor.
- a gloriously gratuitous Stalin statue towering atop one of the buildings
- monster-faced giant blimps return
- It's really playing up the toy-town look, as opposed to C&C3's pseudo-grim art style. In fact, it's visually quite similar to Empire Earth 3 (in its later historical eras, at least), which sadly was about as humdrum as RTSes get. I'm quite sure, though, that when it's all moving around and exploding all over the place and aqua-shimmering and bears are parachuting in this will feel dramatically peppier.

I remain annoyed not to get a look at the new Japanese faction faction yet. Tanks is tanks, frankly. I wanna see cyber-samuari, or whatever they're supposed to be.

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