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Assassin's Creed Origins has bugs, crashes and fixes

At least the Sphinx hasn't lost its nose yet

Assassin’s Creed Origins is out today, and for some of you that will mean you’ve got a weekend full of murder and climbing pyramids ahead of you, but others have been less fortunate. We’re not talking Unity-levels of performance issues, but players have been reporting issues ranging from bugs to crashes.

Ubisoft has also put together a list of known issues across all platforms, as well as those specific to PC. You can read the list here, which includes NPCs not loading properly on low-end CPUs, HBCC on AMD cards resulting in performance drops and the game crashing when trying to open a picture in full screen while marked. Most of them will be fixed, says Ubisoft, in the next update, while the AMD issues will need to be addressed in a driver update.

The first batch of Steam user reviews were full of complaints. Poor optimisation on 1080s. Constant crashes. Broken audio. It’s a pretty long list of issues. But as more people have put time into the game, these problems have been drowned out by players facing no problems -- they’re certainly not ubiquitous.

Edwin, whose given his first impressions here, hasn’t mentioned any technical issues, and Alec took it for a spin earlier and found it to be stable, with some caveats. Pre-rendered cutscenes play in a tiny window, for some reason, and he’s not impressed with the sand textures close up. But no bugs or crashes during his brief foray into Egypt.

If you can’t wait for an update, there are some temporary workarounds and ways to avoid the bugs. If you’re one of the people dealing with a bug in a main quests called ‘The Hyena’, where objectives vanish, Ubisoft advise you to investigate the clues to unblock them. And if you’re having those crashes when you open a picture, make sure not to mark photos on the map. Hardly a fix, but it's something.

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