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Bring A Murderfriend: Co-op In Assassin's Creed Unity

Murder for two to four players

For a series about supposedly being in a brotherhood, Assassin's Creed could feel awfully lonely. Though I did enjoy having a magical button which made murderers rain from the skies, stab everyone then run away, they're more like human knife-grenades than people I could plot, scheme, and murder with. Huzzah, then, that Assassin's Creed Unity is making friends. It'll have four-player co-op, Ubisoft have announced at E3.

They've also shown off their impression of what you'd see if your head were lopped off then popped atop a stick, which certainly is a thing to create for a video games event. Oh E3!

Unity won't have full campaign co-op, rather story-based co-op missions which are set alongside the single-player campaign. Skills and gear will carry over from the single-player the campaign, though it has four special skills for co-op missions too, such as reviving downed Assassins or disguising your motley crew. To slow the encroachment of boredom, guard placement and loot will be randomised, and levels will have alternate paths.

Here's a five-minute demonstration of one co-op mission but honestly, there's no way I'll ever see people playing this carefully. Assassin's Creed campaigns always broadly teach that while you can be sneaky, running around murdering everyone while cackling can also be effective. Knowing my chums, that's what I'll get. And certainly what I'll give them.

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