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Astroneer makes explosive hydrazine change


I'm trying to do that thing of staying away from an Early Access game I'm really into so I don't burn out on it before it gets to actual release form. Subnautica is in that bucket, as is Astroneer [official site], although I'm sorely tempted by the latter now I'm writing about exploding hydrazine cans and looking at screenshots as I read the latest patch. STAY STRONG, PIP.

Patch 158 is out and changes some things with the research curve and adds a Turkish language option. They're the sorts of fixes where they impact you if you've been on the receiving end of the frustration - not having a Turkish option or not being able to see particular unlocks because of the vagaries of the research process - rather than things which radically alter the scope of the game.

The bug fixes are also generally smaller things, although this one from multiplayer sounds like it was a dramatic one to encounter: "Improve rover stability in MP so they no longer unrecoverably fly apart."


I will say that I am not a big fan of having the build number on every screenshot. I get that as a developer you want to signpost to players when they're seeing a work-in-progress and when you're seeing the final product but it's such a pretty game already that I want to take uninterrupted pictures!

OH! And because I didn't have enough time to faff getting dynamite in my new save here is someone else causing a big old hydrazine explosion!

Watch on YouTube

Anyway. Early Access. CAUTION. Yadda yadda SPACE!

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