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Atari Going Casual: Cryptic For Sale

It looks like Atari, recently the focus of negative attention after Test Drive Unlimited developer Eden Games went on strike due to their treatment, are looking to gather some more cash. Via PCG we see Gamespot spotted the news that the publisher is selling Cryptic, the studio behind Star Trek: Online and Champions: Online.

Cryptic hasn't been making Atari money. Last year they lost them €12.6m, and this year a further €5.3m. But then releasing two whopping great MMOs will do that. So now they're looking for a seller. The company statement said,

"In line with the previously stated strategy of fewer but more profitable releases and further expansion into casual online and mobile games, the company has determined that external development creates more flexibility in the changing marketplace. Therefore, the company has made the decision to divest itself from Cryptic Studios. The divestiture process is underway and more details will be provided as appropriate."

Oh dear. The incantation has been spoken: "Casual online and mobile games".

It seems that Cryptic don't think this will affect their current games, but no one knows what's happening with Neverwinter, their next planned release.

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