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Avec Sarif: Deus Ex 3 Sarif Industries Video

PC Gamer's spotted a new video that's gone up on the Sarif Industries viral site - Sarif Industries being the body augmentation corporation that employs Adam Jensen, protagonist of Deus Ex: Human Revolution. It's just unexciting enough to make me aware that I'm posting an advert, but what the hell. Speaking of adverts, have you guys seen the Deus Ex 3 ads we've got over here in the UK on the Rustlers range of microwaveable burgers and hotdogs? Take a look. Madness.

(10:03:51 AM) Kieron: It just seems wrong to see them spending money on a deus ex game
(10:06:29 AM) Quintin: Wait until you play the sodding thing
(10:06:41 AM) Quintin: It's as expensive a game as has ever been made

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