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Back Once Again For The Renegade Disaster

There were rumours earlier in the year about a new Command & Conquer FPS being in the works. Now they're less rumoury. And, as anyone who's not entirely stupid predicted, it's not a sequel to the poorly-recieved Renegade, released back in 1946 or something, which also had the worst box art ever.

Rather, it's a squad-based hoojum, and anyone who still persists in saying annoying stuff like "dumbed-down" about multi-format games will doubtless start their complaining now, as it's due on the consoles too. I'm hoping for something in the vein of Republic Commando, which did squad-based sci-fi shooting very well indeed, but something along the butcher lines of Gears of War is probably more likely. It will include vehicles, however, including Titans and Orcas. That sound you hear is a million C&C fans spasming in delight.

With C&C's usual disdain for temporal mores, it's set 11 years on from Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars and has you playing as a GDI hardnut - so we can safely presume the Scrin don't go on to destroy the Earth in upcoming expansion pack Kane's Wrath. Thanks to for the tip-off, who've also got a few more details on the game, and links to naughty scans of a Game Informer preview that we couldn't possibly post here. Oh, and it's called Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium, which is just pointlessly confusing and bland. It should be called Command & Conquer: Big Hard Bastards instead.

(Irrelevant-o-fact: C&C Renegade was the first game I ever previewed, back when I was a mere work experience bairn on PCFormat magazine. They sent me to London to see it, where I got lost, turned up late and spent the rest of the showing hiding silently at the back of the room, staring wide-eyed and nervously eating too many biscuits.)

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