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Batman Arkham Knight E3 2015 Trailer: Everyone In Gotham's Gone To The Rapture

Well now, someone wants to be making Bioshock games instead of superhero games, don't they? This trailer for this year's Batman: Arkham Knight [official site] does a number of unusual things. Like be in first-person, like star someone other than Batman (a Gotham cop who sounds an awful lot like Breaking Bad's Mike Ehrmantraut to my ears), like be kind of a shooter, and like depict a retro-futurist city collapse into zombieish chaos as period music plays. HMM.

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Clearly, there's a big dose of Burton as well as Bioshock in there, before it sidesteps all too soon into trad. videogame zombie horror. Not sure how and when this coptastic vignette is going to fit in with the campaign, but I like the idea of Arkham Knight dancing around the edges of Bat-fiction, making us wait to get our hands on the Batlikeman, building anticipation while showing us much more of his world.

And if that is Breaking Bad/Better Call Saul's Jonathan Banks doing the voice of the cop - wouldn't he make a good Commissioner Gordon someday, if they rewound the character to grizzled old beat cop rather than action hero super-chum?

Strong hints at the start that Mr J might make an appearance Despite Recent Events too, eh? And also that Batman will die but y'know, comics.

Somehow Arkham Knight is out next week, so we'll find out all this stuff soon anyway. Here's a more traditionally Batty trailer from a few days ago, in case you're now worried you won't spend enough time in spiky kevlar:

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