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Batman: Arkham Originsss - Copperhead Slithers To Town

Look, it's Copperhead! You remember Copperhead, don't you? You know, the guy in the ridiculous outfit that makes it look like he's a rat with his toes wedged in a snake's rib cage and wait that's not a guy at all. Yes, it seems that Armature has been inspired by Copperhead's New 52 makeover, so the nefarious contortionist is a she now. Which is great, except she's hardly wearing anything because videogames. And comic books. The two mediums are pretty chummy on that one. Sigh. But, if nothing else, a new Batman: Arkham Origins trailer makes her seem pretty capable, slipping around Batman like a hundred slippery nooses and rendering his combat skills moot. Have a look and see what you think.

Apparently her in-game movements required three mo-cap actors, including a martial artist and a Cirque Du Soleil performer. That's really quite something. Rocksteady or not, it looks like Warner and Armature aren't slacking on the production values, at least.

I'm still not buying the whole "young, unrefined Batman" thing, though. He hardly looks it, and it doesn't help when promotional materials (like this one) have him reacting to villains like, "Oh, so-and-so! It's you, someone I have clearly gotten to know via our previous run-ins and Sunday afternoon badminton games." Also, Origins sure does have a lot of villains. Here's hoping the story doesn't get too sloppy in an effort to pay each of them a proper visit.

Batman: Arkham Origins will be out in October. Are you at all interested, or did the second game leave you Arkhamed out?

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