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Beautiful island mystery Call Of The Sea weighs anchor next month

I can't decide it I want to play this game, or just stare at the pretty island

Exploring a gorgeous remote tropical island is exactly the sort of thing I'd like to do after this long, long year. While I certainly won't be jetting off to do this in person any time soon, at least I'll have Call Of The Sea to let me live that fantasy when it comes out on December 8th.

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Call Of The Sea is a 1930s-set mystery game where you'll need to solve puzzles across a tropical island to figure out what happened to your husband's missing expedition. It looks beautiful, too. I can't decide if I want to play it or just look at it, to be honest.

When it was announced back in May, I definitely thought it had some Cthulhu vibes. It's store pages mention "lost ruins" and "occult mysteries", and even the name implies weird water things, right? In a Steam post, the devs Out Of The Blue say they're revealing a little more of the game's story today, so keep your eyes peeled for that if you want to get a head start on the mystery.

Call Of The Sea arrives on December 8th, and it'll be available on Steam, the Microsoft Store, and Xbox Game Pass.

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