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Solve spooky island mysteries in Call Of The Sea today

There's gotta be some fishman stuff going on here, right?

There's no way a game can be named something like "Call Of The Sea" and not have some sort of weird Cthulhu-y creature in it right? Or some sort of watery cult, perhaps? At least I'll be able to find out today, because the mysterious Call Of The Sea has launched. It's a first-person adventure puzzler where you play as a lady looking for her husband on an idyllic little island.

Set in the 1930s on an idyllic island in the South Pacific, you're searching for answers after your husband's expedition disappeared. I reckon he's just chilling on a beach somewhere, to be honest… Or maybe he's being eaten by fish men, if we're sticking with that Cthulhu thing. Either way, now you're on a lovely stretch of sand by the ocean, I'm sure he'll be just fine for a bit longer if you fancy a little swim.

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If you're after a little more backstory before you jump into it, the developers have been releasing sections of a "prequel story" over on their blog. Most of these are letters and conversations between Norah and Harry (the main character and her husband) discussing the upcoming expedition, and they're a nice bit of insight into their relationship and the goings on in their world.

To be honest, I'm mostly interested in just how gorgeous this game looks. The jungle in the trailer looks like an absolute delight to wander through, I have a feeling I may spend more time taking screenshots than actually playing this one.

Call Of The Sea is available on Steam, the Microsoft Store and GOG (though it isn't live just yet on that last one) for £16/€20/$20. You can also nab it on Xbox Game Pass for PC (which added a load of other good games this month, too).

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