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Steam Game Charts: Space, Survival, Sieges

Last week's best-sellers

We're well past the halfway point of 2016 now, and there are several games which have been in the Steam top ten for almost every week of the year so far. I feel a bit ill thinking about all the money involved. This week's - or rather last week's, this chart reflecting sales up until Sunday just gone - is a bit of a remix by recent standards, at least.

1. No Man's Sky

Never heard of it.

2. We Happy Few

English-themed horror-survival, involving scavenging for parts and mouldy food while avoiding sinister, suited hunters. Our own Jim Rossignol should probably have a word, basically. I've been playing WHF's alpha and shall offer a report soon. Lots of BioShock and Brazil in this one, in addition to Sir You Are Being Hunted, but I'd say it's got a long way to go before it's ready.

3. Grand Theft Auto V

4. Total War: WARHAMMER Call of the Beastmen

Doing rather well for DLC - this is its second week here, and it's risen four places. Though, in fairness, it hadn't actually been released yet last time around. Given that Beastmen are one of the minor Warhammer races (sorry, Beastfans), this bodes rather well for inevitable future big-hitters such as Elves and Skaven.

5. RimWorld

The ship that launched a thousand wild, weird, wonderful stories, RimWorld's one of those games that reassures one that the Steam audience is not entirely made up of Rockstarophiles after all.

6. Starbound

Chucklefish's side-on procedurally-generated sci-fi survival'n'crafting'n'fighting affair has been around for a few years now, but had itself a formal launch on the 22nd and the resultant buzz pushed it right back into the charts. "I find it difficult to picture the person who wouldn’t enjoy Starbound", reckons Fraser Brown in his warm write-up for us.

7. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

8. ARK: Survival Evolved

Back again. The dino-survival jobbie will always be back again. This time, it's because of a free weekend and sale combo. I wonder if it's earned more money than DayZ yet?

9. Dead by Daylight

The biggest game that no-one seems to be talking about. It's been in the charts for a couple of months now, so is clearly pressing all the right Murder With Friends buttons, but I honestly don't know anyone who's playing it. Oh god, this is the generation gap at work, isn't it?

10. Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege

Like Ark, Ubi's military-themed team shooter is a beneficiary of a free weekend'n'sale double-whammy. Our Adam's quite a fan of its intense, crunchy firefights, though craves a touch more variety from it.

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