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Beyond Good and Evil 2 teases its ships and characters

Monkeying around

Last night, Ubisoft Montpellier hosted a livestream for Beyond Good and Evil 2, spilling more details about the space-pirate romp’s story, characters and wide variety of flashy spaceships. The livestream is an hour long and is mostly the devs chatting away on a sofa, so if you want a more condensed version, you can also watch a dev diary that touches on the same things below.

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Since revealing the game at E3, the team’s been trying to reinforce its motivations and double down on the pirate conceit, from officers, crews and their relationships, to how the ships look and function.

“We decided we were going to make a space-pirate game,” says senior producer Guillaume Brunier, “so everything that a pirate is doing in the mythology of pirates, you put space in front of it, and we do it in the game.”

Narrative director Gabrielle Shrager is currently in writing mode, but it sounds like nothing it set in stone. “I’m throwing out ideas and basically nourishing the team and Michel [Ancel] with as many possibilities as we can until, with the artists that we’ve been working very closely with to create the characterisations, this all comes together.”

The main take away is that this is still super early days. Ubisoft Montpellier admits that most studios wouldn’t show off their game at this stage, but -- oh no -- they want to develop it in tandem with the community.

“At some point they could be considered part of the developers,” says Ancel. “We want to blur the lines between developers and passionate people.”

So Beyond Good and Evil 2 is probably going to launch in 2028.

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