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Beyond Good & Evil 2 "Always in production"

I feel like such a mug, but here we go again. Rumours are spreading that Beyond Good & Evil 2 is still in production. VG247 quotes French site Gamekult as evidence for its existence. The ambiguous quote comes in a reply from Ubisoft France CEO Geoffroy Sardin to a query about I Am Alive and BG&E2, and is, when translated by Google, in full, this: "They are still in production every two..." Although the French, "Ils sont toujours en production tous les deux...", perhaps better ends up, rearranged, "They have both always been in production."

I'll believe it when I see it. I've been hurt too many times before on this one. Presumably Ubisoft are conscious of the huge amount of interest that awaits the possible sequel, and aren't (usually) willing to confirm or deny until they've got something they're confident to reveal. Rather than the bad publicity of building our hopes up yet again, only to cancel the project if it doesn't meet standards. I dunno. It seems weird that Sardin would just come out and say that after years of denials, unless the ellipsis following the quote indicates the moment when he bulged his eyes and slapped his hands over his mouth. I'd prefer a straight answer and some proof though. Below is the astonishing concept footage from last May that previously got our stupid hopes up.

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Cheers to Andrew for the tip.

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