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Yes, Horace, There Is A Beyond Good & Evil 2


Just as Santa Claus is definitely real, we have a duty and a responsibility to support and encourage our youngers' belief in Beyond Good & Evil 2. They may not even know what it is, let alone the historical origins of this tradition, but they understand that it is important. They understand that we become excited by any hint of its existence. My little niece leaves a plate of K-Bups on the mantlepiece for Uncle Pey'j every E3 Eve.

So yes, BG&E2 is real, okay, because BG&E head honch Michel Ancel talked about it recently, okay.

Ancel visited the gang at Double Fine for their 'Devs Play' video series, playing the first BG&E and, occasionally, saying a few tiny bits about it.

Asked about the sequel, with Tim Schafer saying it's going to be amazing, Ancel says "That's a problem - no choice. It has to be great. When we started [the first] game there was not that much pressure." He goes on to explain that while Beyond Good & Evil was unsuccessful, fan support has grown - and keeps on growing. (That chat's about 48:35.)

At the end, Schafer asks "But you're still in the headspace of this game because you're making a sequel, right?" Ancel responds, "Yeah, yeah. But it's difficult because it's hard for me to re-do the same kind of game two times, so I always want to do something different. I don't know how you will manage that for Psychonauts 2, do you stick to the main structure or..."

And then it's over and it's time to put on our hats and coats and mittens and head out into the snow, feeling warm in our hearts because it IS real and it's going to be the most wonderful game, we just know it. And the bells were ringing out for Hillys Day! You're a bum! You're a punk! You're an [yes, that's quite enough, thank you -ed.]

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The last feel-good BG&E2 story we told was of Ancel joining an indie studio while still working at Ubi too, including on BG&E2. But it's about the spirit, isn't it, about how it makes us feel, and how it makes us treat each other. Turn to a friend and Beyond Good & Evil 2 is right there with you.

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