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Afterbirth - Binding Of Isaac: Rebirth Expansion Info

So many new things

I'm still making steady progress through The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth [official site], with 111 of 178 secrets unlocked. Not shooting for specific goals, I'm slowing down, and suspect I'll still have a fair few to go when the expansion hits. That'll "hopefully" arrive around the middle of this year, Edmund McMillen has said in a nice big blog post with more details on what to expect from the expansion. It's named Afterbirth, for starters.

He explains Afterbirth will bring new items, enemies, bosses, final bosses, endings, alternative floors, cards, pills, Challenges, transformations, a new playable character, a new final chapter, and more, more, more. Go have a look. It sounds grand. And then there's a mysterious new game mode that he says "will totally change how you play". Curious, that.

He's also got an update on the new Challenges he'd challenged players to invent (having done the same for items), presenting a list of the top 9. They might not all make it in, or not in the way they're described, but I hope this one does: "Rollers: each time you complete a room all of your items and stats are rerolled (item pools aren't depleted)". Heck, I'd keep playing that for funsies even after unlocking the challenge reward. Next up on suggestotron is item combos; head on over to the BoI Subreddit if you think certain items that don't combine really should

Last but not least, he mentions the new DLC coming to the original Binding of Isaac from co-developer Florian Himsl. With a new hard mode and bug fixes, that'll be free but only for folks who have its expansion, Wrath of the Lamb.

I like this game a lot. I can't stop thinking about it. I keep arriving late to things because I get ready, convince myself I've time for one run, then end up deep somewhere dark and unpleasant.

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