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Bird Is The Word: Aer Looks Ethereally Brilliant

On the wing

I really like it when videogames are beautiful. Not just in the "OMG graphics so realistic that I must existentially entertain the notion that the entire universe could just be a hyper-advanced computer simulation" sense, either. I'm talking about games that create a glittering maw of sights and sounds that licks its lips and proceeds to swallow me whole. These overwhelming visions of other worlds - places I've never even dreamed of, but now desperately long to live in. Aer, if I'm very, very lucky, will turn out to be one such experience. It's a gorgeous sandbox adventure set in a strange, naturalistic, old sky world. You play as a girl who can transform into a bird at will, as we all secretly wish we could.

Wowzers. Reminds me of both Journey and Zelda: The Wind Waker, which are the only two good console games. Admittedly, however, this is apparently only a "concept" trailer and is subject to change. But, if all goes to plan, Aer won't just be an attractively beaked face. The world will be a place, and one that sounds well worth exploring, at that.

"As a girl with the ability to take bird form, you will fly to explore and experience a marvelous yet dying world. With a focus on freedom, curiosity and aesthetics you will traverse the skies, home for nomad tribes, wildlife and secrets of old. You will soon be wrapped up in a tale of such stuff that magic is born from; prophecies, gods and dreams."

"With a sandbox-like gameplay you will be allowed to explore the world as you like, and during that time help its inhabitants. Ultimately you will challenge the gods and save reality itself."

It all sounds rather magical, but it's still too far out to go all starry disco ball eyes at it just yet. I really like what Aer wants to be. But game development isn't magic, and things can go horribly, horribly wrong. I am hopeful, but I plan to wait and see. And maybe watch that scrumptious trailer a few more times.

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