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Black Lives Matter bundle on Itch has raised over $50,000 and counting

The road to $100,000

A collection of 20 games on Itch are part of a Black Lives Matter bundle raising money for related organisations. So far the bundle has raised over $50,000, ten times its original goal. The organisers are now hoping to raise a total of $99,999, the maximum goal they say that Itch allows them to specify. If you're looking for a way to continue donating to the cause, you could do worse than grabbing some good indie games at the same time.

The organisers at Contigo Games originally set the bundle goal for $5,000, with all proceeds being split between Black Lives Matter and the National Bail Fund Network in the United States. They surpassed that goal within the first two hours of posting the bundle, raising a total of $31,000 in the first 24 hours. In order to keep the support rolling, Contigo have raised the bundle's goal to the maximum allowed on Itch, $100,000—less one penny, anyway.

If you're interested in snagging the bundle, you'll net yourself some RPS faves like Cosmo D's weird The Norwood Suite, narrative game Coffee Talk, ancient instant messenger game Emily Is Away Too, and others. Contigo have assembled a list of other Itch bundles that are raising money for related efforts including a visual novels bundle and some indie tabletop RPGs.

Itch's creator is planning an even bigger bundle of over 700 games that have opted in to participate. They planned for it to go live today but have had concerns that the unconventionally large bundle may crash the site. Keep an eye out for that but try not to give Itch the internet hug, alright?

These and other efforts are a renewed show of support for the Black Lives Matter movement centered in the United States protesting police violence used disproportionately against Black people which resulted in the death of George Floyd.

In other monetary commitments, Humble Bundle have launched a $1 million publishing fund for Black game developers.

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