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Black Ops Cold War's new zombies mode arrives as part of season two

Alongside new maps and operators

Season two of Call Of Duty: Warzone and Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War arrives on February 25th, beginning another wave of new maps, weapons, operators and modes added to the shootybang juggernaut. Among the additions is Outbreak, a new "large-scale" co-operative Zombies mode that will appear in the first week of the season.

There's a trailer below, after which I will do my best to explain what's going on.

Cover image for YouTube video

Set upon a massive map based on Russia's Ural Mountains, Outbreak is a four-player co-operative mode in which players must hunt down "elite enemies", "escort a Rover that detects dimensional portals", and defeat waves of zombies in a "confined Dark Aether zone." A lot of the trailer above shows this mode, and there'll be more details "in the coming days" ahead of its launch in season two's launch week, which begins February 25th.

There are dozens of other new additions coming. Of the three new multiplayer modes, the most interesting to me is Gun Game. This is a mode popular in multiple games in which all the normal loadouts and customisation is stripped out, and players advance (or backtrack) through a fixed set of weapons by killing or being killed. The first player to kill an enemy with each weapon wins the match. This is a tense mode in previous Call Of Duty games (and in its CS:GO equivalent) and it's nice that it's returning.

Warzone is also getting some major updates, inculding new places to visit on the map of Verdansk. Those include a cargo ship with unknown cargo, and something major "beginning to rumble deep underground." There will be other changes, but these are always left for players to sniff out.

One of the new Warzone modes is Exfiltration, which adds a radio somewhere on the map that a player can find and hold. Hold it for long enough and they'll win the game automatically, but for as long as they hold it, they're marked on the map for all other players to see (and hunt them down). There's also a limited time "Rebirth Island Resurgence Extreme mode", where players can more freely respawn but now with a max player count increased to 90.

There's more detail on these and all the changes, including four new operators and new weapons, over all on the Call Of Duty blog. If you want to brush up on your skills ahead of the new season, check out of our guides, such as our tips for the best Warzone loadouts.

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