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Commence Sportkill! Blood Bowl 2 Launch Trailer Early

Turn-based murdersports

Blood Bowl 2 [official site] is due to launch tomorrow, barring unexpected problems, and I believe our Adam will be telling us Wot He Thinks about Cyanide Studios' follow-up to their adaptation of Games Workshop's fighty sports tabletop game. Until then, well, you can read his impressions of a pre-release version. You can also watch videos and whatnot, as the launch trailer has arrived a little early and it's got a few new gameplay-ish vids too. Sports, go!

Here's your regulation video game launch trailer, all sound and fury:

Here are a few gameplay minutes of Orcs and High Elves throwing down:

And here are Bretonnians lining up against an Orc team, though some YouTube commenters are griping that it's highly unlikely that anyone would play like this so, you know, bear in mind that marketing materials may not accurately reflect your experiences.

Rather than release a squillion editions of the game adding in new races, this time Blood Bowl 2 will just pop 'em out as DLC - in smaller quantities and at higher quality, Cyanide have said. Not everyone's thrilled that it only starts with eight races, and that they may need to buy DLC to get their favourites.

Anywho, the base game will cost £35 when it arrives tomorrow for Windows.

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