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A Bloodstained: Ritual Of The Night sequel is being planned

More castle crashing on the horizon

Castlevania spiritual successor Bloodstained: Ritual Of The Night is getting its own actual successor, publishers 505 Games have confirmed. The side-scrolling demon-whipping series will continue with a sequel, though it's currently in the early planning phases. In the meantime, 505 say that finishing everything planned for the first Ritual Of The Night takes priority.

Word of a sequel had already starting to float around thanks to fiscal results presented by 505 last week. The publishers have now gone and confirmed it themselves, saying that a Bloodstained sequel is indeed the works.

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"Regarding recent reports, 505 Games and Artplay are in very early planning stages for a Bloodstained sequel. However, current development resources are focused on completing Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night's upcoming content. We have a lot planned for you."

I suspect plenty of Castlevania-likers will be well up for more, of the first RotN and the eventual sequel. RPS's Bloodstained: Ritual Of The Night review praises the slashing and whipping through its many varied environements.

"These different stylings also help make Bloodstained’s larger-than-life boss battles that much more memorable," Alyse Stanley says. "Some of my favourites, like a huge coal-powered golem fought on a speeding train, or a two-headed dragon who terrorises you along a tower’s stairway, feel more like choreographed cutscenes than encounters. Some bosses became decidedly less lovely after the fifth or sixth attempt, but as far as required grinding goes, Bloodstained isn’t the worst offender I’ve come across."

As for what's yet to come in Ritual Of The Night, the developers posted a roadmap last November letting on some of the things coming early in 2021. Classic Mode has made its way in, though a Chaos Mode and VS Mode are still presumably still on the way.

No word yet on when the sequel will arrive, but hey, it's coming.

Ta, Eurogamer.

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